Tellington TTouch™

TTouch is both a hands-on bodywork and training methodology designed to support our companions and ourselves through times of stress, problem behavior, trauma, or aging. Developed more than 40 years ago by internationally know animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch uses a series of massage-like bodywork strokes and guided movement exercises to strengthen the body-mind connection and work gently and effectively with the nervous system to:

  • Increase awareness and sensation
  • Reduce stress, fear and nervousness
  • Enhance the learning process
  • Redirect habitual behavior patterns
  • Build confidence and focus
  • Ease pain and stiffness due to aging or injury

By working with underlying tension, imbalance, and disconnection in the body, we can guide the animal to an improved quality of life.

Private TTouch Sessions

Private Tellington TTouch sessions are an excellent way for you to learn the techniques that are most suited to supporting change for your dog, cat, or other small companion animal.

A one-hour session will include:

  • Discussion about your animal's behavior and health
  • Observation of the response to being handled
  • Professional bodywork, tools, and guided movement exercises specific to your animal's needs
  • Clear guidance and training for you to learn the TTouch methodology and effectively continue practicing at home
  • A training notebook for your at-home reference.

Note: TTouch will often be included as a training approach in a Behavior Modification Program when working with complex behavior issues such as aggression or separation anxiety.

Private Session Rates

Private TTouch Sessions are available year round by appointment at Foranimals, Lenox, MA.

  • One Hour / $95
  • Two session minimum.

Additional costs:

Training equipment: for safety or ease of handling may be recommended or required. Purchase will be at the owners' expense and is not included in the above training fees.

Travel fees: If it is essential to work with you at a location other than Foranimals in Lenox, MA, travel fees will be assessed individually but the minimum travel fee will be $15 beyond the Lenox-Pittsfield area.


To schedule your first appointment, contact Leea to discuss your needs. You will then be sent a questionnaire to complete in preparation for your first Tellington TTouch session along with the latest COVID guidelines.

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