Consultations & Behavior Modification Programs

When faced with challenging behavior problems the path to satisfactory solutions can seen very long and confusing. You need an experienced guide—that is the role Leea will play as your behavior consultant. Leea respects the trust you place in her and your commitment to your dog or cat. You are entering a partnership, the goal of which is to help you choose and implement a training plan that produces the best possible outcome for you and your companion.

You will begin with a 1.5 hour consultation that includes:
• an initial phone or email discussion of your behavior needs.
• an in-person thorough history and dialog about your dog
  (dog present for consultation) and the problems you encounter.
• observation and discussion of your dog and your handling skills.
• an explanation of the approach and steps needed to address the behavior challenge.
• a personalized education packet of handouts specific to your training needs.
• a written summary of your meeting and your initial training assignments.
• a written report to your veterinarian when necessary.
• email or phone access to Leea for questions before your next appointment.

After this initial consultation, individual working sessions or a 3 or 5-session package would continue to include behavior modification and training techniques for both you and your dog to support your learning and practice. In between sessions you can communicate with Leea as needed by phone or email to troubleshoot immediate problem areas until your next appointment. Your commitment to practicing the outlined techniques between sessions will greatly influence the success of the program.

Leea is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, and a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner II. She has worked hard to achieve these standings in the professional dog training community and continues to attend cutting edge trainings and seminars each year to keep her knowledge and expertise current. Leea will conduct all matters with you and your dog ethically, confidentially and using only techniques that are relationship-based and do no harm.

Frequently Requested Behavior Challenges Include:

  • Fear-based reactive issues*
  • Separation Distress
  • Behavior concerns in your home
  • Multi-dog competition or fighting
  • Food or possession guarding
  • Preparing a dog for a new baby
  • Inappropriate elimination or marking indoors
  • Noise and thunderstorm phobia
  • Rude, bullying or out-of-control behavior
  • Shyness, nervousness, anxiety
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Geriatric changes and needs


Behavior Consultations and Behavior Modification Training Programs are available year round by appointment at Foranimals, Lenox, MA.

  • 1.5 Hour Consultation / $125
    For less extensive behavior issues see Private Training—basic skill building, manners and common adolescent problems—for fees and services.
  • One Hour Working Session / $80
    3 Sessions Package / $230   or   5 Sessions Package / $380

Additional costs:

Training equipment: for safety or ease of handling may be recommended or required. Purchase will be at the owners' expense and is not included in the above training fees.

Travel fees: There is no travel fee charged for in-home training within a 10 mile radius of Lenox, MA. For appointments beyond 10 miles, travel fees will be assessed individually.


To schedule your consultation, contact Leea to discuss your dog's behavior challenges. You will then be sent a questionnaire to complete in preparation for your behavior consultation and behavior modification program along with a COVID regulations agreement for participation.

* Please note: Leea will no longer be addressing bite cases. If your dog has aggression issues and has a history of biting/injuring humans or dogs, please seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist.

Foranimals, LLC is a professional dog training and behavior consulting service based in Lenox, MA serving all of Berkshire County, from Williamstown to Pittsfield and Great Barrington, and the surrounding areas of Western Massachusetts and Eastern New York.